The Founder of Highlights How Businesses Can Make Better Use of Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook can be quite profitable, but mostly for those who are aware of the pitfalls that need to be avoided. Some small-business owners set up Facebook advertising accounts and see their funds draining away slowly without producing enough results to justify the returns.

One common cause for such problems is a lack of awareness about what is happening behind the scenes. The founder of the marketing agency at recently published a detailed post that highlighted some of the most important issues to be aware of.

Better Facebook Ads Produce More Impressive Results

It almost goes without saying that it will always be helpful to create Facebook ads that will be appealing and interesting to those who see them. Entrepreneurs quite often come up short in this respect, though, and that can see a Facebook ad budget producing very little of value.

Facebook itself tries to help out by providing both positive and negative reinforcement. Every ad that appears on Facebook ends up receiving a relevance score that should always be respected.

This is because an ad that ranks low on the relevance scale has already been proven to be of minimal interest, at best, to the targeted audience. Keeping an irrelevant ad running will also mean paying larger fees for every one of its placements.

Unfortunately, small-business owners frequently overlook these facts and end up wasting too much money on ads that have already been singled out as uninteresting and inappropriate. Over time, it is quite possible to spend many thousands of dollars on Facebook advertisements that had virtually no chance of success.

A New and More Informative Take on Ad Relevance

Even entrepreneurs who are generally savvy about such things have historically seen the Facebook relevance score as a bit opaque. Fortunately, the company recently adopted a new, more detailed take on the same general idea that should prove more informative and understandable.

With Facebook now breaking ad performance down into three separate metrics, business owners will have more to go on when it comes to figuring out how to improve their own campaigns. That should lead to more successful advertising on Facebook, which just about everyone should be happy about.